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Python Interactive Dashboards with Plotly Dash

Video Introducing this tutorial

Let's get started! :
Course overview

Python crash course (optional) :
Setting up Python environment
Overview of data types, numeric, define variables
Strings, common functions and methods
Lists, tuples, sets, dictionaries, booleans
if statements, loops
Define functions, use packages
Pandas Tutorial

Intro to Plotly Dash :
Creating your first dashboard

Building the layout of dashboards :
HTML components overview
Core components overview
Please help us!

Making dashboards interactive with Callbacks :
Building callbacks with single Input & Output
Creating interactive Plotly figures
Building callbacks with multiple Inputs & Outputs
Chaining callbacks' Inputs and Outputs
Controlling callbacks with States (Button)

Capstone project I :
Making an avocado prices dashboard

Customizing the look of dashboards :
Customizing with inline CSS
Customizing with external CSS
Creating a grid layout
Building a navigation bar
Building a deck of cards

Case study: creating an interactive map dashboard :
Setting up the layout: Choropleth map
Setting up the layout: DataTable
Adding callbacks: update the map
Adding callbacks: update the DataTable

Capstone project II :
Making a life expectancy dashboard

Bonus section: congrats and thank you! :
Bonus lecture