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PureMix Start to Finish: Tracking Rock With Vance Powell

Video Introducing this tutorial

Part 1 :
Tracking Room Overview
Monitor System
Room Mics
Bass Rig
Guitar Mics
Drum Mics
Placing Drum Mics
Drums Perspective
Drums and Cymbals
Vocal Mic Setup

Part 2 :
Most Important Thing
Mic Preamps
Room Mic Patching
Overhead Mic Patching
Kick Drum Patching
Snare Patching
Toms Patching
Changing The Snare
Front Mic Patching
Sprinkle To Taste
Mono Drum Bus
Check Phase In Protools
Kick and Snare Parallel Bus
Adjust Kick Muffle
Drum Patch Recap
Create The Sound When Recording
Why The Red And White Tape

Part 3 :
Patching The Bass
Graham's Guitar
Tyler's Guitar
Setting The Band's Levels
Setting The Vocal Mic
Recording The Take
Recording The Insert
Insert Editing
Guitar Overdub
Guitar Solo
Recording The Vocal
Vocal Mic Routing
2 Bus Processing

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