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ProducerTech Stutter Edit Producer’s Guide

Video Introducing this tutorial

Module 1: Ableton Live Setup
Module 2: Logic Pro Setup
Module 3: Maschine Setup
Module 4: Using Banks/Presets
Module 5: Gesture Basics Part 1 - Creating a High-Pass Filter Sweep
Module 6: Gesture Basics Part 2 - Creating a Low-Pass Filter Sweep
Module 7: Filter Gesture Summary and Preset Saving
Module 8. Intro to the Stutter Effects
Module 9: Stutter Gesture I - Looping, Rhythmic Stutter
Module 10: Stutter Gesture II - Classic Build-Up
Module 11: Stutter Gesture III - Looping C Stutter
Module 12: Stutter Gesture IV - 1-bar Beat Destroyer
Module 13: Stutter Gesture Summary
Module 14: Stereo Delay Options
Module 15: Stereo Delay Gesture I - Stereo Flanger
Module 16: Stereo Delay Gesture II - Looping, Build Up Delay
Module 17: Stereo Delay Gestures III, IV and V - Vinyl Effects
Module 18: Summary of Stereo Delay Gestures
Module 19: Distortion Effects
Module 20: Generator Gestures I - Impact FX
Module 21: Generator Gestures II - Riser FX