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ProducerTech Jungle Production Fundamentals

Video Introducing this tutorial

Module 1: Introduction to the Breakbeat
Module 2: Sourcing and Resequencing Breakbeats
Module 3: Creating the Classic 'Funky Drummer' and 'Amen' Breaks.
Module 4: Layering Drum Hits and Individual Drum Processing
Module 5: Adding Additional Drum Sounds
Module 6: Creating Bass Options
Module 7: Tuning the Percussion and Breaks
Module 8: Alternative Bass Parts 1
Module 9: Alternate Bass Parts 2
Module 10: The Track So Far Part 1
Module 11: Adding Strings
Module 12: Music Theory in Production
Module 13: Creating a Chord Progression
Module 14: Creating Melodic Parts 1: Bleeps
Module 15: The Track So Far Part 2
Module 16: Scale Quantisation
Module 17: Creating Melodic Parts 2: Dissonant Pad and Mentaz Sample
Module 18: Sound Effects
Module 19: Finishing the 'Boiling Pot'
Module 20: Preparing for Arrangement 1
Module 21: Preparing for Arrangement 2
Module 22: Creating the Intro
Module 23: Building the First Drop and Breakdown
Module 24: Creating the Main Drop
Module 25: Refining the Breakdown
Module 26: Wrap Up