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Power BI: Integrating AI and Machine Learning

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
The power of Power BI
What you should know
Overviewing AI and machine learning types
Defining dimensionality
Utilizing the Power BI ecosystem and Azure
Configuring R in Power BI Desktop
Introducing the course project

1. Configuring Power Query and the Data Model :
Utilizing AI in the ETL framework
Configuring parameters
Analyzing dataset statistics and distributions
Configuring separate error logs for existing datasets
Running Vision algorithms
Utilizing Text Analytics algorithms
Leveraging AI and the star schema
Adjusting DateTime fields for lags

2. Analyzing a Single Variable :
Configuring aggregations and dimensionality
Filtering options
Calculating DAX measures
Challenge: Single variable
Calculating rolling averages
Utilizing binning to create histograms
Summarizing statistics
Splitting a category with small multiples
Leveraging violin plots
Solution: Single variable

3. Measuring Relationships between Variables :
Visualizing relationships with scatter plots
Accessing the Analytics pane
Calculating correlations
Visualizing correlations
Adding clustering to existing visuals
Calculating best fit line
Utilizing the outlier detection visual
Calculating outliers
Contextualizing outliers
Challenge: Multiple variables
Solution: Multiple variables

4. Utilizing AI Visuals to Ask What-If Questions :
Determining key drivers with decomposition tree visual
Leveraging the Q&A visual
Discovering key insights with the Key Influencer visual
Utilizing parameters to model what-if scenarios
Challenge: AI visuals
Solution: AI visuals

5. Analyzing Time Series Data :
Organizing time series analysis
Adding forecasting from the Analytics pane
Leveraging anomaly detection
Utilizing ARIMA forecasting
Incorporating seasonality through TBATS forecasting
Analyzing predictions vs. actuals
Challenge: Time series analysis
Solution: Time series analysis

6. Creating and Sharing Analysis :
Designing a consolidated view for sharing
Uploading and sharing in the Power BI service
Configuring quick insights
Challenge: Shared view
Solution: Shared view

Conclusion :
How to learn ML and AI in Power BI