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Working with Odoo 10 – Second Edition

Video Introducing this tutorial

Chapter 1: Setting Up Odoo 10 :
Community and Enterprise Editions of Odoo
Getting started with Odoo Online
Getting to know the Odoo architecture
Choosing your installation operating system
Understanding Odoo releases
Installing Odoo on Windows OS
Installing Odoo on Ubuntu
Troubleshooting and Odoo management tips

Chapter 2: Installing Your First Application :
Gathering requirements
Creating a new database in Odoo
Installing the Sales Management module
Knowing the basic Odoo interface
Creating your first customer
Entering a product in Odoo
Setting the company information
Entering your first sales order
Invoicing the sale

Chapter 3: Exploring Customer Relationship Management in Odoo 10 :
Using CRM as a business strategy
Understanding Your Pipeline
Leads and opportunities
Using Odoo to schedule calls, meetings, and events
Specifying meeting details

Chapter 4: Purchasing with Odoo :
Understanding the overall purchasing process

Chapter 5: Making Goods with Manufacturing Resource Planning :
Creating manufacturing orders

Chapter 6: Configuring Accounting Finance :
Defining the chart of accounts for your business
Installing the Accounting and Finance application
Following transactions through the sales and accounts receivable process
Setting up your own accounts

Chapter 7: Administering an Odoo Installation :
Basic considerations for an Odoo administration
Administering users in Odoo

Chapter 8: Implementing the Human Resources Application :
Modular approach to Human Resources
Installing the Employee Directory
Creating a new employee
Leave Management
Recruitment Process

Chapter 9: Understanding Project Management :
Basics of Project Management
Installing the Project Management application
Understanding the Project dashboard
Real-world project example for a customer
Creating our first project
Defining project tasks
Calculating project costs and time

Chapter 10: Creating Advanced Searches and Dashboards :
Determining the search requirements for your business
Searching in Odoo

Chapter 11: Building a Website with Odoo :
What is a CMS?
Why use Odoo Website Builder for your CMS?
Installing the Odoo Website Builder

Chapter 12: Implementing E-Commerce with Odoo :
E-commerce and Odoo
Installing Odoo e-commerce
Basics of Odoo e-commerce
Additional configuration options for your Odoo shop
Setting up product variants
Advanced e-commerce product options
Adding PayPal as a payment processor

Chapter 13: Customizing Odoo for Your Business :
Understanding the Odoo architecture
Activating developer mode
Backing up your database
Adding a custom field to Odoo
Understanding actions
Create a new menu

Chapter 14: Modifying Documents and Reports :
Getting the skills required to modify reports
What is the QWeb template framework?
Company report configuration
Making our first simple change
Learning how Odoo organizes reports
Understanding the report types
Looking at the definition for the Sales Order form
Creating a new QWeb report in Odoo
Learning more about the power of QWeb templates

Chapter 15: Discovering Custom Odoo Modules :
Exploring the Odoo application and module directory
Building our first Odoo module
Troubleshooting your module installation
Using a module to add a filter to a search view
Using Odoo to create websites and web services
Integrating with the Odoo API

Chapter 16: Comparative Analysis of Community vs Enterprise Edition :
Getting an overview of Community and Enterprise Editions
Using the Odoo runbot to compare Odoo versions
Using the bank integration features of Enterprise Edition