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PacktPub WordPress Security Masterclass – Defeat Hackers and Malware

Video Introducing this tutorial

Basics of WordPress Security:
Course Introduction
Welcome to the course
Why Would I get Attacked?
The Role of Web Hosts
Plugin Management
Using HTTPS and SSL
A Simple Trick to Fool Crackers
Two-Factor Authentication

Advanced Security Techniques:
Introduction to FTP
Password Protecting the WP-Admin Folder
How to Disable PHP Execution in Some WordPress Directories
Protecting the WordPress Configuration wp-config.php File
Protecting the .htaccess From Unauthorized Access
Blocking Author Scans in WordPress
Banning an IP Address
Hiding the WordPress Version Number
WordPress Security Keys
Changing the Default WordPress Database Table Prefix

Fixing a Hacked Site:
7 Signs Your Site has been Hacked
Using the Google Transparency Tool
How to Fix a Hacked WordPress Website
How to Manually Remove Malware

WordPress Security Plugins:
Expire Passwords
Anti-Spam Plugin
WP Security Audit Plugin
User Role Editor Plugin
Sucuri Plugin
iThemes Security Plugin
Wordfence Security Plugin
BackUp WordPress Plugin
UpDraft Plus BackUp Plugin
Download WP Content Copy Protection