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WireMock for Java Developers

Getting Started with Course :
Course Introduction & Objectives

Introduction to WireMock :
Why WireMock?
What is WireMock?
WireMock vs Mocking Libraries

Setting up the WorkSpace for the course :
Overview of the application
Set up the Movies RESTFUL Service
Exploring the Movies RESTFUL Service

Build REST Clients using Spring WebClient - Hands On :
Setting up the Movies App
RestTemplate vs Spring WebClient
Setting up the Movies Domain
Build Movies REST Client using Spring WebClient
Build Movies REST Client test using JUnit5
WebClient - Retrieve Movie by Movie-ID
WebClient - Retrieve Movie by Movie-Name
WebClient - Retrieve Movie by Year
WebClient - Add a new Movie -HTTP POST
WebClient - Update a Movie - HTTP PUT
WebClient - Delete a Movie - HTTP DELETE

Setting Up WireMock :
Configuring WireMock

Build Stubs Using WireMock - Hands On :
Create the very first Stub
How WireMock works Behind the scenes and Matches the Stub?
URL Matching Stub - urlPathEqualTo()
URL Matching Stub using urlPathMatching()
Generate Dynamic Http Response using ResponseTemplateTransformer
Stub with 400 HttpStatus as Response
Stub matches a Query Param using urlEqualTo()
Generate Dynamic Response Stub by reading Query Param from the request
Stub with RequestBody - HTTP POST
Dynamic Response Stub - HTTP POST
Stub with 400 Bad Request Response - HTTP POST
Stub for HTTP PUT
Stub for HTTP Delete

Verifying the Stubs - Hands On :
Why Verify the Stubs?
Explore the verify DSL

Simulating Server/Fault Responses - Hands On :
Introduction to Server/Fault Responses
Simulating 5xx Response
Simulating Fault Responses - Network Errors

Simulating Latency - Hands On :
Configuring read/write Timeout - Spring Webclient
Simulating Latency

Selective Proxying - Hands On :
What is Selective Proxying?
Simulating Selective Proxying

Running WireMock on Junit 4 :
WireMock on JUnit4
Run WireMock on JUnit4

Running WireMock on Spring Boot - Hands On :
Overview and Project SetUp
Building the Client Code
Run WireMock on Spring Boot using @AutoConfigureWireMock - Approach 1
Run WireMock on Spring Boot using WireMockRule- Approach 2

Running WireMock with Spring Boot and JUnit5 :
Configuring Spring Boot for JUnit5
Run WireMock with Spring Boot and JUnit5
Run WireMock with Spring Boot/JUnit5 using WireMockExtension