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WebServices/REST API Testing with SoapUI+ Real Time Projects

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course FAQ's (Must Watch)
What are Webservices? Understand with Live example
Explaining Types of Webservices-Soap and REST
What is WSDL? Importance of it in Webservices
DIfferences between WSDL and Soap Protocol
SoapUI Installation/Documentation
Calculator WebService Example
Creating Testsuites and testcases
Local Webservice installation for practise
Explaining Webservice operations in detail
Basic Assertions for Test validations
Advanced Assertions for validating responses
Strategy to use Xpath assertions in Tests
Properties Access-Data driven Strategy
Accessing properties from Testcase, Suite and project level
How to send values from response to another request-Property Transfer
End to end exercises
Introduction to Groovy Script Test step
Importance of TestRunner and Context variable
testRunner methods for get and set Property()
Accessing and updating the properties through Groovy methods
Parsing the Xml requests and responses with XML Holder API
Triggering the Soap Requests through Groovy code
Practise Exercises- Automate the service
Validating the service responses with Assertions
REST API concepts
REST API - Types of HTTP Methods
Practical example on GET and POST
Exercises- Datadriving from custom properties
Exercises-Property Transfer usage in REST example
Json Script Assertion window-Automation
Parsing the Json responses for API validation
Examples on REST API Automation with Json as response
Examples on REST API Automation with XML as response
Flicker API Introduction
Json Path extraction from responses
Json Assertions on parsed responses
Advanced examples on Json Assertions
Basics of Pro version
Data Source
Data Sink
Data Driven Testing
DatGen types
Testcase Debugging, Breakpoints
Reporting Techniques
Jasper Reports and WebRecording
List of Security Threats
Security Testcases
Security Testing-Practical example
Creating SoapUI Project in Eclipse
Running Soap UI Scripts from Eclipse
Database concepts
Creating Database from scratch
SoapUI Jdbc connection
SQL Queries Testing with SoapUI features
SQL Builder- SoapUI Pro
Performance Testing tool used for Testing REST API
Putting Load on REST Calls

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