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Web development with Vue.js 2

Video Introducing this tutorial

Going Shopping with Vue.js :
The Course Overview
The Importance of Vue.js and Working with Vue.js
Using Vue.js in an Existing Project
Vue.js 2.0! and Projects Using Vue.js
Let's Manage Time!

Fundamentals Installing and Using :
The MVVM Architectural Pattern
DefineProperty, Getters, and Setters
Comparing with Other Frameworks
Vue.js Fundamentals
Installing, Using a Vue.js Application
Debugging Your Vue Application
Scaffolding Our Applications

Components Understanding and Using :
Revisiting Components and Their Benefits
Rewriting the Shopping List with Simple Components
Single-File Components
Rewriting Our Shopping List Application with Single-File Components
Rewriting the Pomodoro Application with Single-File Components
Reactive Binding of CSS Transitions

Reactivity Binding Data to Your Application :
Revisiting Data Binding and Interpolating Data
Using Expressions and Filters
Revisiting and Applying Directives

Vuex Managing State in Your Application :
Parent-Child Components' Communication, Events, and Brain Teaser
Introduction to Vuex and the Global State Store
Greetings with Store
Installing and Using the Vuex Store in Our Applications
Using the Vuex Store in the Shopping List Application
Using the Vuex Store in the Pomodoro Application

Plugins Building Your House with Your Own Bricks :
Using the Vue-Resource Plugin in the Shopping List Application
Creating and Using a Plugin in the Pomodoro Application

Testing Time to Test What We have Done So Far! :
Why Unit Tests?
Unit tests for Vue Applications
Writing Unit Tests for the Shopping List Application
Writing Unit Tests for Our Pomodoro Application
End-to- end Testing and Nightwatch e2e
Writing e2e Tests for the Pomodoro Application

Deploying Time to Go Live! :
Software Deployment
Deploying the Pomodoro Application
Deploying the Shopping List Application

What Is Next? :
Vue 2.0
Revisiting Our Applications
Why is it Just the Beginning?