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Web Development with Elm

Video Introducing this tutorial

Elm: Installation and Building the First Project :
The Course Overview
Starting-up with Your First Elm App
Get Familiar with Elm Syntax
Expressing the Model with Primitive Built-in Data Types
Persistent Data Structures for Collections in Elm
Elm’s Type System and Type Inference
Maybe and the Result Data Types
Module System in Elm
Rendering the Model with HTML and CSS

Architecting Webapps: The Elm Architecture :
Introducing Side Effects with Beginner Program
Tasks for Asynchronous Computations
Executing the Program with Commands
Manage the Initial Application State with Program with Flags
Communication with the Server
Encoding and Decoding JSON
Talking to JavaScript

Explore the Elm Tooling :
Development Tools: elm-format, Time Traveling Debugger, and elm-reactor
Package Manager and Open-source Packages
Testing Your Modules
Type Safe CSS with elm-css

Going Further with Elm :
Encapsulation and Code Organization
Managing the Messages with Tagger
Rendering Performance Optimizations with Html.Lazy

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