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UX Design: Understanding User Engagement

Video Introducing this tutorial

Discovery and Human Centered Observation :
The Course Overview
Observation : Human First
Observation Methods
Qualitative and Quantitative Data
Experience Tracking
Conversations and Interviews
Emotions and Feedback: Verbal/Non Verbal Communications

Human Centered Design :
Users are Real People
Empathy Building
Shareable Empathy

User Persona :
Empathy You Can Share
Building a Persona
User Motivation and Needs
User Data
User Habits and Routines
Needs and Pain Points
Testing and Distribution

User Habits and Technology :
Understanding Users Behavior
Observing Habits and Technology Interactions
Good Habits Versus Bad Habits
Building Habit Production: UX Scenario
Completing a UX Scenario
Design in Habits

Human Insights :
What is an Insight
Write an Insight
User Point of View
Write a Surprising Point Of View Insight
Iterate POV Insight and Share

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