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PacktPub Unity Android 2021 : Build 7 Games with Unity and C#

Video Introducing this tutorial

Game 1: Build Your First Android Game in 1 Hour:
Build Your First Android Game in 1 Hour

C# Scripting Basics for Unity Game Development:
Getting Started with C# Scripting in Unity
Understanding Structure of a C# Script
Event Functions in Unity C#
Variables in C#
Public Variables in Unity C#
The Update Function in Detail
Function Basics in C#
Functions with Parameters and Return Types in C#
If Else Statements in C#
More Conditions and Equality Checking
Boolean Variables in C#
Introduction to Arrays in Unity C#
More about Arrays in C#
Understanding For Loops in C#
While Loops in C#
Learning For-Each Loops in C#
Switch Case Statements in C#

Game 2: Dodging Dog Mobile Game:
Adding Background and Boundaries
Adding the Player
Creating the Player Controller
Flipping the Player Direction
Creating Obstacles
Spawning Obstacles
Spawning Obstacles Repeatedly
Creating the Game Manager
Creating the Score System
Creating Score UI
Creating Game Over Menu
Adding Functionalities to the Buttons
Creating the Main Menu
Building the Game for Android

Game 3: Food Eater Android Game in 15 Minutes:
Creating an Android Game in 15 Minutes

Game 4: Line Runner Hyper Casual Game:
Setting Up the Project
Creating the Player Controller
Creating Obstacle
Creating More Obstacles
Spawning Obstacles
Spawning Obstacles at the Bottom
Detecting Collision and Restarting
Creating Game Manager
Creating Lives Counter
Adding Score
Designing Game Play UI
Creating the Main Menu
Managing Everything When the Game Starts
Creating Tap to Start Animation
Creating Player Trail Particle Effect
Adding Background Particle Effect
Camera Shake Effect

Game 5: Ball Smash Android Game:
Build a Simple Ball Smash Android Game in 40 Minutes

Game 6: Build a 3D Endless Runner Hyper Casual Game:
Setting Up the Game
Adding the Player
Creating Player Controller Script
Limiting Player Position
Creating Enemies
Spawning Enemies from Random Position
Restarting the Game on Collision with Enemies
Creating the Score System
Press Any Key to Start the Game
Creating Animated Blinking Text
Creating the Main Menu
Saving Score and Creating High Score
Adding Fog Effect
Adding Touch Input Controls the Simplest Way
Creating Screen Independent UI that Scales Automatically
Converting to Android and Running on Mobile Device

Game 7: 3D Tappy Ball Game:
Setting Up the Player
Creating the Obstacle
Moving the Obstacle
Creating More Obstacles
Spawning the Obstacles

Implement Video Ads in Your Games:
Setting Up Unity Ads
Implementing Video Ads in Your Project
Show Rewarded Video Ads in Your Games
Rewarding the Player for Watching an Ad
Implementing Banner Ads

Unity Android Game Development Basics:
Unity Touch Input Basics
Touch and Destroy Objects with RayCasting in Unity
Unity Accelerometer Input for Android
Design Screen Resolution Independent UI
Unity Touch Swipe Input
Unity Touch Joystick Input