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Unity 5 Level Design, Lighting, and Animation

Video Introducing this tutorial

Material and Lights :
The Course Overview
Exploring the Content
Materials and Textures
Shader Callibration
Creating Material and Textures
World of Transparency and Semitransparency
Gamma Correction

Gamma Correction :
Importing Modular Meshes
First Person Control
Scene Set Up
Creating First Scene
Working with Prefabs
Fundamentals of Level Construction
Multi-Scene Editing

Terrains :
Creating the Terrain Object
Terrain Brushes
Terrain Shader
Adding Textures
Terrain Painting
Image Effects

Lighting and Lightmapping :
Lighting a Scene
Reset Lighting
Explore the Light Interaction
Exploring Ambient Light
Area Lights
Real-Time Lighting

Creating a Terrain :
Building a Terrain
Texture Painting a Terrain
Adding Grass
Adding Effects

Creating the Day and Night Cycle :
Configuring a Scene
Rotating the Sun Object
Coding a Rotation Script

Animation :
Exploring the Sci-Fi Corridor Scene
Animation Planning
Explore the Animation Window
Create the Keys
Animator Parameters
Fly-Through Animation

Character Animation :
Reflect on the completed work
Working with Characters
Importing Character Animator from Unity Asset Pack
Configuring the Animator
Blend Trees
Completing the Animation