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Troubleshooting Linux Administration

The Course Overview
The Power of sudo
Cultivating Admin Tasks with Root
Installing Programs with sudo Privileges
Handling the sudoers File
Understanding SU Capabilities
Handling the Users Management Files
Getting the Users Password in the /etc/shadow File
Protect and Create User Passwords
Create Secured Groups with Passwords
Understanding Password Age Policies
User Cron Tabs (User Table)
Editing Cron Tabs
Scheduling Cron Tabs as Administrator
Checking Debian Cron in Extensions Files
Automating Tasks with Cron Tabs
Resolve Network Connections with Systemctl
Using nm-tool to Output Information Network Manager
Listing Hardware Details with lshw
sudo Privileges to Check PCI Bus Infos – lspci, lsusb, lsmod
Troubleshooting with Ping
Checking for Device Recognition and Wireless Network Files
Installing Troubleshooting Tools – Htop, Glances
Troubleshooting with Glances
Troubleshooting with Htop
Fixing Common Linux Processes Problems
Process Management with ps and top
SSH Installations
Connecting to a Server
Working with a Server Remotely
Creating SSH Cryptographic Keys
Checking Firewall Status
Network File System (NFS)
NFS Server Installations
Configuring an NFS Client
Troubleshooting NFS