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PacktPub The Simplest Guide to Clinical Data Analysis with SAS

Video Introducing this tutorial

Components of the Pharma/Life Sciences Industry
Phases of Clinical Trials
Data and Reports in Clinical Trials
Types of Data in Clinical Trials

Get to Know the Clinical Study Documents:
The Clinical Study Protocol
The Informed Consent
The Inclusion-Exclusion Criteria
The Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP), Mock Shells, and Case Report Forms (CRFs)

Building the Clinical Study Reports (CSR):
General SAS Programming Steps to Build any CSRs
Understanding the Demographics Case Report Form (CRF)
Understanding the Demographics Table
Planning to Program the Demographics Table
Importing Raw Demographics Data into SAS
Deciding Which PROCs to Use
Deriving the AGE Variable
Obtaining Summary Statistics for AGE
Adding the 3rd Treatment Group using Explicit Output
Deriving the SEX Variable
Obtaining Summary Statistics for SEX
Concatenating the COUNT and PERCENT Variables
Deriving the RACE Variable
Obtaining Summary Statistics for RACE
Stacking All 3 Summary Statistics Together
Fixing the Precision Points
Transposing Data
Fixing the Order of Statistical Parameters
Building the Final Report
Putting the Finishing Touches to the Report
What's Next?