PacktPub The Simplest Guide to Advanced SAS Programming | Macros| Proc SQL

Video Introducing this tutorial


Installing SAS:
SAS University Edition: Download and install
Logging into SAS after installation
SAS interface and windows

SAS macros:
Section overview - macros
Macro variables - introduction
Macro variables - introduction: code
Application of macro variables
Application of Macro variables - code
Nested macro variables
More on ampersand resolution
Macro functions
Macro functions - code
SAS macros - introduction
SAS macros examples
Keyword and positional parameters
Conditional logic in macros using IF-ELSE
Connecting the two worlds - call symput and symget

Proc SQL:
Section Overview - Proc SQL
Copying data
Filtering Data
Sorting data
Removing Duplicates
Union Set Operator
Except Set Operator
Intersect Set Operator
Merging Data Using Joins
Inner Join
Full Join
Left and Right Joins
Creating Macro Variables from Proc SQL

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