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The Fundamentals of User Experience – a Process for Problem Solving

Introduction to UX Design :
The Course Overview
Why UX What Is It? Why It Matters Today?
Types of UXers List of Roles in UX
UX Role in Software and Interface Design

UX Design Process Double Diamond Thinking :
UX and Design Thinking
Human Centered Observation
Quantitative and Qualitative Observations
Primary Research and Secondary Research
Problem Statement and KPIs
Ideation and Brainstorming
UX Scenarios
Wireframes and Prototypes
Delivery Overview
User Flow Prototypes
Testing and Iteration
Deploying and Scaling
Review Total Process

UX Design and Agile Development :
UX and SaaS (Software as a Service)
Agile Development Ethos
Agile UX and Agile Development
User Hypothesis and Testing
Iteration Ethos through Prototyping

UX Design Future :
UX and Service Design
UX Design and Application Development
UX and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
UX and Artificial Intelligence
UX and Education