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PacktPub The Complete PowerShell 6.x Masterclass: 3-in-1

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Automating Your Systems with PowerShell 6.x :
The Course Overview
Differences between PowerShell Core 6 and Windows PowerShell
Installing PowerShell Core 6 and Visual Studio Code
Using the Most Important cmdlets in PowerShell
Getting to Know Common Parameters
Reading and Writing to the Host
Using the Pipeline and the $_ Variable
Looking at PowerShell Providers
Basics of Working with Objects
How to Work with Some Common and Useful Objects?
Introduction to Comparison and Logical Operators
Managing Objects in the Pipeline
Creating Your Own PowerShell Object
Getting Started with Writing Scripts
Setting Up a Local Git Repository
Adding Branching to Your Scripts
Adding Loops to Your Scripts
Adding Logging to Your Scripts
Debugging Your Scripts
Advanced Scripting Topics
Basics of Working with Files
Working with Access Control Lists to Set Permissions
Working with XML Files
Importing and Exporting with Some Common File Types
Automating Your Systems with PowerShell 6.x

Mastering System Administration with PowerShell 6.x :
The Course Overview
Configuring Your Management Workstation
Setting Up Your Lab Environment
Configuring a Windows System - Features, Services, and More
Managing a Windows OS with WMI and PowerShell
Checking Diagnostic and Performance Information with PowerShell Core 6
Using Scheduled Tasks and PowerShell to Automate System Administration
Overview of PowerShell Remoting
Remote Endpoint Configuration
Mastering Remote Administration
Overview of PowerShell Desired State Configuration
Creating and Applying Your First DSC Configuration
Finding and Using DSC Modules and Resources
Using Azure Automation As a DSC Pull Server
Managing Storage and a File Server with PowerShell
Managing Azure Virtual Machines with PowerShell
Administering Active Directory Users and Groups with PowerShell
Managing an IIS Web Server with PowerShell
Mastering System Administration with PowerShell 6.x

Azure PowerShell on the Cloud :
The Course Overview
Introduction to Azure PowerShell
Choosing Your Tools - A Local Install or Azure Cloud Shell
Getting Signed into Azure PowerShell and Selecting a Subscription
Working with Azure Contexts to Save Credentials
Exploring the Cmdlets in the Azure RM Modules
Reading Simple and Complex Object Properties
Filtering and Formatting Output of Objects
Concepts and Parameters You Need to Know
Storage Account Overview and Intro to Storage Cmdlets
Managing Blob Storage Accounts with PowerShell
Managing Storage Account File Shares with PowerShell
Managing Storage Account Tables and Queues with PowerShell
Managing Storage Account Operations with PowerShell
Azure Networking Overview and Intro to Network Cmdlets
Creating Virtual Network Resources with Azure PowerShell
Using Azure PowerShell to Create and Apply Network Security Groups
Virtual Machine Overview and Intro to VM Cmdlets
Creating Virtual Machines with Azure PowerShell
Searching for and Getting Details of Virtual Machines
Using PowerShell to Update Virtual Machine Settings
Adding or Removing VM Extensions with PowerShell
Some Helpful VM Operations with Azure PowerShell
Getting Started with ARM Templates
Deploying an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template with PowerShell
Saving an ARM Deployment as a Template with PowerShell
Azure PowerShell on the Cloud