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PacktPub The Complete JavaScript Developer

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started:
How to Code in this Course

Variables and Strings:
Replace var with let and const
Store Unchanging Values with const
Isolate Values with Block-Scoped Variables
Better Strings with Template Literals

Types and Conditionals:
Understand Type Coercion and truthy Versus falsy
Shorten Conditionals with Ternaries
Even Shorter Conditionals with Short-Circuiting

Leverage the Power of Closures
Less Boilerplate with Arrow Functions
Predictable Functions with Default Values

Understanding Primitive Versus Reference Types
Easily Access Properties with Destructuring
Merge Objects with the Object Spread

Perform Actions on All Elements
Get Subsets of Arrays
Transform Array Data with Reduce
Swap Array Methods for the Spread Operator
Snag Elements with Destructuring and Rest Operator

Understand Constructors and the Prototype Chain
Use Classes for Better Prototypical Inheritance
Share Class Features with Extends

Async JavaScript:
Understand Async Code with Callbacks
Improve Async Code with Promises
Easy Network Requests with Fetch
Cleaner Promises with async-await

Essential Concepts:
Isolate Functionality with Modules
Master the 'this' Keyword
Write Declarative, not Imperative, Code