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PacktPub The Complete C++ Developer Course

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started:
Section Overview
Getting Started on Windows with Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Getting Started on macOS or Linux with CodeBlocks IDE
Getting Started with macOS Catalina or Higher with Visual Studio Code
Finding Answers to Your Questions

Fundamentals of C++:
Section Overview
Saying Hello to C++
Variables and Data Types - Part 1
Variables and Data Types - Part 2
Variables and Data Types - Part 3
Arithmetic Operators
Relational Operators
Logical Operators
Symbolic Constants and Naming Conventions
User Input
Project - Average of Three
Project - MadLibs Clone
Section Wrap-Up

Control Statements:
Section Overview
Introduction to Control Statements
Selection Control Statements
Repetition Control Statements
The Break and Continue Statements
Random Numbers
Project - Jam of the Month Club
Project - Odds and Evens
Project - Guess the Number
Section Wrap-Up

Arrays and Vectors:
Section Overview
Built-In Arrays
The Array Class
The Vector Class
Multi-Dimensional Arrays
Project - Array Data
Project - Vector Data
Project - Parallel Arrays/Vectors
Section Wrap-Up

Section Overview
Function Prototypes and Definitions
Function Return Types and Parameters
Parameter Passing: Pass-By-Value and Pass-By-Reference
Variable Scope and Lifetime
Function Overloading
The Library
Project - Return the Product of Three Parameters
Project - Return the Sum of Built-In Array Elements
Project - Return the Sum of Array Object Elements
Project - Retrieve the Sum of Array Object Elements by Reference
Project - Tic-Tac-Toe (Advanced)
Section Wrap-Up

Introduction to Classes and Objects:
Section Overview
Basics of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
Encapsulation: Data Members and Member Functions
Separate Compilation
Constructors and Destructors
A Rectangle Class
A Book Class
Project - A Bank Account Class
Project - A Pizza Class
Project - A Circle Class
Section Wrap-Up

Exceptions and Debugging:
Section Overview
Exceptions and the Exception Hierarchy
Logic Errors
Runtime Errors and Throwing Exceptions
Rethrowing Exceptions
Custom Exceptions
Basic Testing and Debugging
Project - Throwing and Handling an out_of_range Exception
Project - Creating and Using Your Own Exception
Section Wrap-Up

Section Overview
Introduction to Pointers
Dynamic Memory - Part 1
Dynamic Memory - Part 2
Const Correctness
Project - Dynamically Creating Rectangles
Project - Dynamically Creating Circles
Section Wrap-Up

File Input and Output:
Section Overview
Sequential File Output
Sequential File Input
More File Input/Output (I/O)
Project - Reading Data from File and Printing Statistics
Project - Dynamically Creating Rectangles from File
Project - Shopping Item File
Section Wrap-Up

Inheritance and Polymorphism:
Section Overview
Inheritance - Part 1
Inheritance - Part 2
Polymorphism and Late Binding
Enumerated Types
Project - Derived Cat Class
Project – Role Playing Game (RPG) Player Character Creation
Section Wrap-Up

Templates, the Standard Template Library (STL), and Other Skills:
Section Overview
Templates - Standard Template Library (STL)
Standard Template Library (STL) - Part 1
Standard Template Library (STL) - Part 2
Smart Pointers
Friend Functions and Friend Classes
Operator Overloading
Project - Dictionary of Terms
Project - Aliens
Section Wrap-Up