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PacktPub The Art of Doing: Create 10 Python GUIs with Tkinter Today!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Preview
Installing Python
Installing Visual Studio Code

The Basics:
Basics: Windows
Basics: Labels and The Pack System
Basics: Buttons and the Grid System
Basics: Frames
Basics: Entries, Functions, and Lambdas
Basics: Radio Buttons
Basics: Images

Application 0: Hello GUI World:
Hello GUI World 0
Hello GUI World 1
Hello GUI World 2
Hello GUI World 3

Application 1: Metric Helper:
Metric Helper 0
Metric Helper 1
Metric Helper 2
Metric Helper 3

Application 2: Simple Checklist:
Simple Checklist 0
Simple Checklist 1
Simple Checklist 2
Simple Checklist 3

Application 3: Simple Calculator:
Simple Calculator 0
Simple Calculator 1
Simple Calculator 2
Simple Calculator 3

Application 4: Notepad:
Notepad 0
Notepad 1
Notepad 2
Notepad 3

Application 5: Color Theme Maker:
Color Theme Maker 0
Color Theme Maker 1
Color Theme Maker 2
Color Theme Maker 3
Color Theme Maker 4

Application 6: Morse Code Translator:
Morse Code Translator 0
Morse Code Translator 1
Morse Code Translator 2
Morse Code Translator 3

Application 7: Simon Memory Game:
Simon Memory Game 0
Simon Memory Game 1
Simon Memory Game 2
Simon Memory Game 3

Application 8: Gravity Simulation:
Gravity Simulation 0
Gravity Simulation 1
Gravity Simulation 2
Gravity Simulation 3
Gravity Simulation 4

Application 9: Weather Forecast:
Weather Forecast 0
Weather Forecast 1
Weather Forecast 2
Weather Forecast 3
Weather Forecast 4

App 10: Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD Viewer):
APOD Viewer 0
APOD Viewer 1
APOD Viewer 2
APOD Viewer 3
APOD Viewer 4

Create Your Executable Files Using "Auto Py To Exe":
Installing "Auto Py To Exe" and Building Your First Executable File
Building a Second Executable File
A Small Change to Build the APOD Viewer Executable File
Thank You!