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TestNG Complete Bootcamp For Beginners – Novice To Ninja

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Outcome
Instructor Introduction
Overview and Install Java
Java Environment Setup - Mac
Java Environment Setup - Windows
Install Eclipse - Windows
Eclipse Installation - Mac
TestNG Setup
How To Add TestNG JavaDoc
First TestNG Class - Test Annotation
TestNG Asserts
TestNG Soft Asserts
Method And Class Annotations
Running A Test Suite
BeforeSuite And AfterSuite Annotations
BeforeTest And AfterTest Annotations
Prioritizing Test Methods In A Desired Sequence
How To Group Test Methods - Part 1
How To Group Test Methods - Part 2
Understanding Dependent Test Methods
How To Disable And Timeout Test Methods
How To Preserve Order Of Execution
How To Provide Parameters To Test Methods
How To Run Tests In Parallel
DataProviders - Part 1
DataProviders - Part 2
ITestResult Interface
TestNG Listeners - Code Refactoring
TestNG Reporters And Logs
Parallel Execution in Selenium WebDriver Automation
Parallel Test Execution - Selenium WebDriver Practical Example

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