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PacktPub Swift 5 Tips Tricks and Techniques

Video Introducing this tutorial

Your First SwiftUI App:
The Course Overview
A Quick Look into SwiftUI
What Is "var body: some View"
How to Navigate Between Views
Lists in SwiftUI
How to Structure Your Code with Custom Views?
How to Create Meaningful Previews with PreviewProvider?

SwiftUI Advanced:
Create a Complex Entry Form
Modal Presentation Style
Passing Data Between Views
Using Core Data with SwiftUI
Running SwiftUI on Other Apple Devices

Generics, Operators, and Other Building Blocks:
Dictionaries and How They Work
What Are Generics and How to Use Them
Operator Overloading and Custom Operators
Multiple Return Types and Function Parameters
Write Cleaner Code by Using Typealias

The Power of Enums:
Why Enums are Helpful
Optionals and Raw Enums
CaseIterable and Other Protocols
Enums and Associated Values
Tips on Using Enums and Its Future

Networking and Async Programming in Swift:
Query Data with URLSession
Using Swift Codable to Parse JSON
Using the New Combine Framework
The New Swift "Result"

Server-Side Swift with Vapor:
Choosing Vapor for Server-Side Development
Building an API Using Vapor
Implementing the API in iOS
Common Issues Faced and Ways to Avoid Them

Reactive Programming with Swift:
The Power of Reactive Programming
How to Use Combine with UIKit
Creating Publishers to Monitor Input
Combining Multiple Publishers into One
Differences Between Combine and RxSwift

Testing and Security:
How to Write Great Unit Tests
How to Write Great UI Tests
Use UI Tests to Automate Your Screenshots
Storing Passwords in the iOS Keychain
Writing a Unit Test to Check Keychain Implementation

Did You Know You Could Do That in Swift?:
What You Did Not Know about String
All You Need to Know about Closures
How to Avoid Common Memory Leaks
Adding Functionality to Existing Classes with Extensions