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PacktPub Svelte.js 3 and Sapper Projects

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction and Starting Our First Project:
Course Overview
What Is Svelte and Why Should We Learn It?
Setting Up Our Work Environment
Analyzing the Svelte Workspace
Creating a Hierarchy of Components
Starting Our First Project: vCard Generator

Reactivity and Events:
Adding Reactivity with Dynamic Attributes
Reacting to DOM Events
More On Events
Two-Way Binding
Conditional Classes

Enhancing Our Application:
Dispatching Events
Two-Way Binding Between Components
Using Slots
Conditional Rendering
Reactive Statements

Transitions, Animations, and Our Second Project:
Basic Transitions
Enhancing Transitions
Animating Elements
Using Lifecycle Functions

State Management:
State Management with Stores
Using Stores in Our Application
Motion with the Svelte/Motion Module
Connecting To a Database
Options On Deploying Svelte Apps

Sapper Framework:
Starting with Sapper
The Sapper App Structure

Testing and Deploying Our App:
Introduction to Testing with Cypress
Deploying Our App as a Pre-Rendered Static Site
Deploying Our App as a Dynamic SSR App
Course Review