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Supervised and Unsupervised Learning with Python

The Course Overview
Artificial Intelligence and Its Need
Applications and Branches of AI
Defining Intelligence Using Turing Test
Making Machines Think Like Humans
General Problem Solver
Building an Intelligent Agent
Installing Python 3 and Packages
Loading Data
Supervised Versus Unsupervised Learning
What is Classification?
Preprocessing Data
Label Encoding
Logistic Regression and Naïve Bayes Classifier
Confusion Matrix
Support Vector Machines
Classifying Income Data
What is Regression?
Building a Single and Multivariable Regressor
Estimating Housing Prices
What is Ensemble Learning?
What Are Decision Trees
What are Random and Extremely Random Forests?
Dealing with Class Imbalance
Finding Optimal Training Parameters
Computing Relative Feature Importance
Predicting Traffic
Clustering Data with K-Means Algorithm
Estimating the Number of Clusters
Estimating the Quality of Clustering
Building a Classifier
Segmenting the Market
Creating a Training Pipeline
Extracting the Nearest Neighbors
Building a K-Nearest Neighbors Classifier
Computing similarity scores
Finding Similar Users
Building a Movie Recommendation System

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