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Spring 5.0 Project: Building a Travel Website

Spring 5.0 Core – Understanding Dependency Injection :
The Course Overview
Explanation of Dependency Injection
Using Spring DI Container — Explanation of Scopes

Wiring Bean :
Bean Lifecycle
Bean Creation by Using @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy

Aspect Oriented Programming :
Spring – AspectJ Integration
Defining Pointcuts to Intercept Calls

Spring Data :
Defining Entities in Spring Data
Using Spring Data as a Data Access Layer Interface

Reactive Streams :
Integrating Reactor with Spring and Creating Reactive Code
Testing Reactive Code

Spring MVC Getting Started :
Introduction to Spring MVC
Defining MVC Flow

Controller, View, and Forms :
Creating Controller
Creating View and Forms

Spring Rest, WebSocket and Securing App :
Creating REST Controllers in Spring
Integrating WebSockets with Spring Controller
Defining Custom Web Security Rules

Introducing Microservices :
One to Six Factors Explanation
Seven to Twelve Factors Explanation

Time to Spring Boot :
Creating Micro-Service in Spring Boot
Testing Spring-Boot Application
Accessing Spring JPA Data with REST

Adopting Cloud Native Patterns :
Using Hystrix with Spring to Implement Circuit Breaker
Using Eureka Service Discovery with Spring

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