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PacktPub Speech Recognition A-Z with Hands-On

Video Introducing this tutorial

Speech and Its Types:
Learning Objectives
Introduction to Speech
Speech Processing and Types of Speech Recognition
What Makes Speech Recognition Hard?
Demo - Audio File Analysis
Digitizing and Recording of Speech Signal
Demo - Digitization and Recording of Speech
Acoustic Phonetics and Articulatory Phonetics
Demo - Human Speech Production
Key Takeaways

Automated Speech Recognition:
Learning Objectives
Introduction to Audio Signals
Different Types of Signals
Signal Sampling
Demo - Sampling Theorem
Acoustic Modeling
Language Modeling
Building a Basic Language Model
Demo - Audio Signal Feature Extraction
Building a Natural Language Model
Demo - Force Alignment Expectation
Introduction to the Hidden Markov Model
Hidden Markov Model in Speech Recognition
Demo - Spectrum Analysis
Key Takeaways

Speech to Text:
Learning Objectives
Understanding the Problem Statement
Demo - Speech to Text Modeling
Data Visualization - Part I
Data Visualization - Part II
Data Exploration - Part I
Data Exploration - Part II
Demo - Data Exploration and Visualization
Model Architecture - Part I
Model Architecture - Part II
Key Takeaways

Text to Speech:
Learning Objectives
Text to Speech System
Text Analysis and Its Methods
Stemming and Lemmatization
Stop Words
Phonetic Analysis
Prosodic Analysis
Waveform Synthesis
Demo - Wave Analysis of Heartbeat Sound
Voice Builder
Key Takeaways

Multilingual Speech Processing:
Learning Objectives
Understanding Multilingual Speech Processing
Issues in Multilingual Speech Processing
Different Language
Encoding Characters
Demo - Multilingual Speech
Key Takeaways

Speech Translation:
Learning Objectives
Speech Translation
Speech to Speech Translation
Demo - Speech to Speech Translation
Speech Processing - Interactive Creation and Evaluation (SPICE) Toolkit
Working on Speech to Speech Translation
Key Takeaways

Spoken Dialog System:
Learning Objectives
Spoken Dialog System
Components of the Dialog System - Part I
Components of the Dialog System - Part II
Voice XML and SSML
Demo - Voice Building Using a Text Personal Voice Assistant
Key Takeaways

Voice Conversion:
Learning Objectives
Introduction to Voice Conversion
Automatic Speech Recognition
Phonetic SID System
Speaker De-Identification
Demo - Speaker Identification
Key Takeaways