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PacktPub Site Reliability Engineering on AWS

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Basics of Site Reliability Engineering:
Course Overview
Reliability in Modern Applications
The Impact of Failure and Determining Your Reliability Objectives
Accepting Failure and Making It Part of the Design Process
SRE is a Mindset

Gaining Resilience and Reliability On AWS:
AWS Global, Regional, and Zonal Architecture Design
Amazon's Global Storage Services - S3
Running Resilient Databases On AWS - RDS and DynamoDB
Fault Tolerant Computation On AWS - Lambda and EC2
Core Resilience Principles for AWS - Load Balancing and Auto Scaling
Using Kubernetes and ECS On AWS

Accepting Failure In Multi-Tier Applications:
Typical Three-Tier Application Resilience and Why It Fails in Cloud
Designing In Resilience With Microservices
Managing State
Typical Application Reliability Patterns
The Architecture of Our Example Microservices

Deploying Py-Simple On AWS:
Optimizing and Migrating Our Code
Creating Our Container with CodeBuild
Deploying ECS and RDS
Deploying and Testing Our Py-Simple Application
The Problem with What We've Just Built

Designing Py-Global:
The Architecture of Py-Global and Failure Mode Analysis
Multi-Regional Support
Microservices Design
Authentication and Authorization
Code Deployment with CodePipeline
Application Telemetry and Tracing
Application Analytics
Aurora and its Advantages Over MySQL

Deploying a Resilient, Fault Tolerant Py-Global Application:
Running/Scaling Our Application On EKS
Creating a Resilient and Reliable Data Store for Python with Amazon Aurora
Deploying App-Mesh

Surviving Failure of a Global Scale:
Review: AWS Global Architecture and What We Have Just Built
Global Tools: Route 53, CloudFront
Going Global: What Does This Mean For Your Users/Developers
Operational Changes Required For a Global Application
Course Summary