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Serverless JavaScript by Example

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
Introducing the Serverless Framework
Creating an IAM User for Your Serverless Installation
Configuring Serverless to Work with Your AWS Account
Creating Your First Service
Deploying Your Functions
Testing and Monitoring
Installing Serverless Offline and Running the Application Locally
Using Large Scale Monitoring and Error Reporting Tools
Creating the Core Service for a Notes REST API
Adding a DynamoDB Database Connection
Defining the CRUD Methods
Building Logic for Creating New Notes
Building Logic for Retrieving the Created Notes
Creating an Edit Method to Update a Note
Deleting the Notes
Setting Up the Facebook Messenger Chatbot Application
Creating the Get Webhook – Verifying the Application
Setting Up a Facebook Page to Use the Chatbot
Creating the Post Webhook - Sending Messages
Testing the Chatbot
Setting Up the Slack Chatbot App
Connecting the Chatbot App to a Newly Created Serverless Service
Creating a Custom Slash Command
Adding Events with Public Replies
Using Incoming Webhooks to Send Messages
Creating an S3 Bucket for Storing Images
Creating the Image Resize Service
Writing the Image Resize Function
Deploying the Image Resize Service with Docker
Testing the Image Resize Service

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