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Scalable Java 9 for the Connected Web

The Course Overview
Introduction to REST, REST APIs and What They Mean for the Web
Introduction to Spring Boot and Where It Fits in the Java Ecosystem
Spring Boot Hello World Example
Sign Up for the Google Cloud API
Designing a Well-Structured REST API
Introduction to HTTP 2.0 and What It Means for the Web
Asynchronous Versus Synchronous API Requests
Connecting to the Sentiment Cloud API and Submitting Some Test Phrases
Implementing an End-to-End Service between the User and Google
Testing our API
Creating a Request Class, Serializing It, and Storing It in a CSV File
Implementing APIs for Some Statistics Methods
Calculating the Most Common Word Using Functional Processing
Counting Requests by Hour and Day Using Functional Processing
Calculating Max, Min, and Average Sentiment
Caching Requests to Improve Performance

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