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REST API Automation testing from scratch-(REST Assured java)

Video Introducing this tutorial

FAQ's about Course (Must Watch)
How to reach Trainer for Doubts in the course
Introduction to REST API
Understanding how REST API architecture works
What is BaseURL, Resources in REST API?
Understanding GET, POST, PUT, DELETE requests
What are headers and cookies in rest request?
Understanding google place Search API for scripting
Introduction to POSTMAN -Manual testing client for REST API
Adding new place in Google Maps with google API
Validating responses with POSTMAN client
Introduction on Test API's
Setting up Test Project with RestAssured API's
Understanding given tag for passing requests
Validating the body of first JSON response
Examples on validating response headers and statuscodes
Understanding query parameters on sending request
Automating POST request with payload
Grabbing the response body into String for Advance validations
Passing the response values into subsequent requests
Optimizing the scripts by centralizing the data
Datadriven testing best practises
Validating Advanced xml responses
Shortcut methods to convert Rawdata to xml/JSON
Parsing JSON response to extract values
Logging feature to debug automation scripts
How Jira API Works?
Cookie Authentication API for Jira requests
Jira GET,POST API Scripting for creating bugs
End to end Solved examples on automating Jira API
Adding comment API using POST and PUT
Jira API scripting examples with response validations
Introduction to Twitter API
Understanding OAuth Authentication Mechanism
Retrieve Tweets from the Account with API's
Publish Tweets to your account with the API calls
Delete the Tweets from API
OAuth Authentication setup for Rest Assured Scripts
Scripting Exercises on Twitter API -1
Scripting Exercises on Twitter API -2
Learning Plan
Importance of Maven in Framework development
Installing and configuring Maven
Understanding Terminologies of Maven
Creating Maven Project and importing into eclipse
Understanding POM.xml file and its dependencies
Importance of surefirePlugin in executing Tests
Integration of Testng with Maven
Switching the Tests with Maven profiling
Importance of Jenkins in Test frameworks
Install and configure Jenkins
Configuring Jenkin Settings and Workspace
Testng Reporting Plugin into Jenkin jobs
What is log4j? Its usage in Rest API framework
Importing log4j into Eclipse project
Importance of log4j xml file
Understanding the xml file to control logging in Testcase
Testcase logging with log4j example-1
Testcase logging with log4j example continued...
Converting Project to TESTNG framework
Creating Maven REST API test Project
End to end testing API's on Maven Project
Generating reports and creating BAT file
Integrating Log4j into Rest API Tests
Configuring and generating log file for the tests
Importance of Global environment variables in Framework
Creating Modules to drive the data into Tests
Organizing files and folders as per test structure
Extent Reports in generating Test execution results
Integrating Rest API tests into JENKINS CI tool
Java first program basics
Java program principles
Classes, objects in Java
Strings in Java
String Practise exercises
What is Interface?
How Java classes can take advantage of Interface?
Usage of Inheritance in Java
Practical examples on types of inheritances
Introduction to Arrays
Single dimensional and Multidimensional arrays usage

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