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Release Management in TFS

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
What is Release Management
Key Concepts in Release Management
The Current State of Release Management in TFS/VSTS
Authoring a New Release Definition
Linking Your Build Definition to a Release
Determining What to Deploy Using Artifacts
Defining and Using Configuration Variables
Configuring Continuous Release
Naming Your Release and Using Retention Policies
Understanding Environments
Configuring Your Approval Workflow
Selecting Your Deployment Queue
Understanding Deployment Conditions
Cloning Environments
Queue a Release
Overview of Release Tasks
Copying Files and Running Scripts
Releasing a Web Application to an IIS Server
Executing Tests as Part of Our On-Premises Release
Tracking Our Release
Understanding Azure Resources
Understanding Service Endpoints
Configuring Endpoints for Connecting to Azure
Releasing an Azure Web Application
Executing Tests as Part of Our Azure Release

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