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Redux – End to End

Video Introducing this tutorial

A Tale of Two Clients :
The Course Overview
Building and Compiling a React Application
One Way Data Flow in React
Serving React Apps from Express
Loading SASS Modules
Isomorphic Rendering

Data Management :
Integrating Redux
Isomorphic Redux
Database Access with Knex
Object Relational Mapping with Bookshelf

Authentication :
Token Based Authentication
Cookies and CSRF Tokens
Building a Login Form
Staying Authenticated

Routing :
Client Side Routing with React-Router
Isomorphic Routing with React-router
Logging Out

Redux CRUD Administration :
Create New Records with Express and Bookshelf
Building a New Customer Form with Validation
Incorporating Backend Validations

Reusing Redux Code :
Redux Data Tables
Redux Pagination
Reusing Actions and Reducers

Best Practices :
Preloading Data with Server Side Rendering
Testing Redux Code
Type Checking JavaScript

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