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Reactive Java 9

Video Introducing this tutorial

What is Reactive Programming? :
The Course Overview
Installation and Setup
What is Reactive Programming?
Benefits of Reactive Programming
Reactive Explained in a Simple Way
Reactive Streams

Reactivity in Java 9 :
Java 9 Features
Flow API
Functional Programming

Introducing RxJava 2.0 :
Back Pressure
Reactive Streams Implementation
Creating Sources
Observing Sources

Operators :
Marble Diagrams
Operators 1/2
Operators 2/2

Concurrency and Unit Testing :
Unit Testing

Akka Streams :
Introduction to Akka
Reactive Concepts
Error Handling

Real-Life Reactive Application :
Introducing Spring and Jersey
Importing Libraries and the Project Setup
Communicating with External APIs
Responding to the Client
Unit Testing

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