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React Recipes

Video Introducing this tutorial

The Course Overview
React Rendering Process
What Should You Know About React Fiber?
Starting a Project from Scratch
Understanding and Configuring ES6 and Babel
Understanding and Configuring Webpack
Setting Up a Development Server
Creating and Mounting Root Component
Using Functional Components
Importing Assets
Compose Components to Create More Complex UI
Making Async Request in the Component Life Cycle
Use the State to Make Your Components Dynamic
Component Styling: Different Approaches
Functional CSS
Setting Up PostCSS and Basscss
Adapt Basscss to Our Site Style Guide
Code Styling: Following a Style Guide
Setting Up ESLint
Setting Up Prettier
Wrapping Everything Up with a Git Hook
Using React Router to Create Basic Routing
Handling 404 Requests
Handling Redirects
Add Links to Different Routes
Implementing Favorites
Share State Between Routes
Get Param’s from URLs
Configuring Jest
Using Snapshots to Test React Components
Mock Static Assets in Our Tests
Using Enzyme to Test More Complex Scenarios

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