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React.js Academy for Beginners with Firebase

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome and let's get started! :
Welcome to the course
What we will be building
What you will need for this course

Project setup & Components :
Create React App
Project files & folders
A closer look at components
Components in action

Props, State & Looping :
First look at state and JSX
Component lifecycle and looping
Passing data as props
Passing methods as props
Prop type validation

Forms, inputs and refs :
Controlled components
Uncontrolled components and refs
Create new card form

Routing :
Setting up React router
Passing props to a router component
URL parameters
Using with Router and push
Passing state via router

Setting up Firebase, reading & deleting data :
Setting up Firebase
Pushing data to Firebase
Reading data from Firebase
The where & orderBy methods
Deleting cards and lists from Firebase
Deleting boards

Updating data and Modals :
Updating data in Firebase
Edit card modal
Updating the card text
Setting the labels
Text area auto resize

Reading realtime data from Firebase :
First look at onSnapshot
Working with document changes
Realtime cards with updates

User authentication and React context :
React Context API
Firebase Authentication and set up
User sign up
Logging in and out
Listening for auth changes
Conditional rendering
Rendering boards based on user
Redirecting and error messages
Roles & permissions

Deployment :
Building for production
Deploying to Netlify

Thank You :
Thank you