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R Data Visualization Word Clouds and 3D Plots

Adding the Third Dimension :
The Course Overview
Constructing a 3D Scatter Plot
Generating a 3D Scatter Plot with Text
A Simple 3D Pie Chart
A Simple 3D Histogram
Generating a 3D Contour Plot
Integrating a 3D Contour and a Surface Plot
Animating a 3D Surface Plot

Data in Higher Dimensions :
Constructing a Sunflower Plot
Creating a Hexbin Plot
Generating Interactive Calendar Maps
Creating Chernoff Faces in R
Constructing a Coxcomb Plot in R
Constructing Network Plots
Constructing a Radial Plot
Generating a Very Basic Pyramid Plot

Visualizing Continuous Data :
Generating a Candlestick Plot
Generating Interactive Candlestick Plots
Generating a Decomposed Time Series
Plotting a Regression Line
Constructing a Box and Whiskers Plot
Generating a Violin Plot
Generating a Quantile-Quantile Plot (QQ Plot)
Generating a Density Plot
Generating a Simple Correlation Plot

Visualizing Text and XKCD-style Plots :
Generating a Word Cloud
Constructing a Word Cloud from a Document
Generating a Comparison Cloud
Constructing a Correlation Plot and a Phrase Tree
Generating Plots with Custom Fonts
Generating an XKCD-Style Plot

Creating Applications in R :
Creating Animated Plots in R
Creating a Presentation in R
A basic Introduction to API and XML
Constructing a Line Plot Using JSON in R
Creating a Very Simple Shiny App in R