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R Data Visualization – Basic Plots, Maps, and Pie Charts

Video Introducing this tutorial

A Simple Guide to R :
The Course Overview
Installing Packages and Getting Help in R
Data Types and Special Values in R
Matrices and Editing a Matrix in R
Data Frames and Editing a Data Frame in R
Importing and Exporting Data in R
Writing a Function and if else Statement in R
Basic and Nested Loops in R
The apply, lapply, sapply, and tapply Functions
Using and Saving par to Beautify a Plot in R

Basic and Interactive Plots :
Introducing a Scatter Plot with Texts, Labels, and Lines
Connecting Points and Generating an Interactive Scatter Plot
A Simple and Interactive Bar Plot
Introduction to Line Plot and Its Effective Story
Generating an Interactive Gantt/Timeline Chart in R
Merging Histograms
Making an Interactive Bubble Plot
Constructing a Waterfall Plot in R

Heat Maps and Dendrograms :
Constructing Simple Dendrogram
Creating Dendrograms with Colors and Labels
Creating Heat Maps
Generating a Heat Map with Customized Colors
Generating an Integrated Dendrogram and a Heat Map
Creating a Three-Dimensional Heat Map and Stereo Map
Constructing A Tree Map in R

Maps :
Introducing Regional Maps
Introducing Choropleth Maps
A Guide to Contour Maps
Constructing Maps with bubbles
Integrating Text with Maps
Introducing Shapefiles
Creating Cartograms

The Pie Chart and Its Alternatives :
Generating a Simple Pie Chart
Constructing Pie Charts with Labels
Creating Donut Plots and Interactive Plots
Generating a Slope Chart
Constructing a Fan Plot