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QGIS Python Programming Techniques

Displaying Information :
The Course Overview
Working with Symbol Layers
Implementing Symbol Layers in Python
Implementing Renderers in Python
Working with Custom Map Layers
Creating Custom Map Canvas Items
Using Memory-Based Layers

Selecting and Editing Features :
Working with Selections
Layer Editing Mode
Adding and Editing Points
Deleting Points and other Geospatial Features
Adding Lines and Polygons
Editing Lines and Polygons

Designing the ForestTrails Application :
Introducing the ForestTrails Application
Designing the ForestTrails Application

Implementing the ForestTrails Application :
Laying Out the Application
Defining the User Interface
Implementing the Main Program
Testing the Application

Adding Maps and Some Initial Tools :
Obtaining the Basemap
Defining the Map Layers
The "Pan" Map Tool
Implementing the Track Editing Mode

Adding and Editing Tracks :
The "Add Track" Map Tool
Testing and Improving the Application
The "Edit Track" Map Tool
The "Delete Track" Map Tool

Finishing the Application :
The Get Info Map Tool
The Set Start Point and Set End Point Actions
The Find Shortest Path Action
Finishing Off and Testing