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Python for Beginners: Learn Python from Scratch

Python Basics  :
Variables, creating and running external srcript, interactive Shell
Types of Variables
Math Operators
Exercise: adding VAT to products
Semicolon and ENTER - assigning multiple values to variables at once
Assignment operators
Playing with Strings (Slicing, adding and having fun)

Functions and Libraries basics :
ATTENTION - important video about common mistake regarding functions
Taking data from user and type conversion (casting)

Conditional statements :
Instruction 'if' why INDENTATION is IMPORTANT in Python | DO NOT SKIP!
EXERCISE: Simple Calculator
Values different than 0
Logical Operators

Loops :
EXERCISE: Adding numbers taken from the user
Loop for
Instruction break and continue
EXERCISE: Guess the number

Lists :
Checking if element is 'in' or 'not in' the list
Operating on lists with Functions

Advanced Types :
Operations on sets
Nested types
Processing nested types using loops
Dictionary inside Dictionary, Dictionary inside List - when to choose which?
Extracting (Iterating Through) values from nested dictionaries
EXERCISE: Dynamic dictionary with definitions

Transformations :
Generator Expressions
Dictionary Comprehensions
Set Comprehension
EXERCISE: Finding numbers that are divisible by 7, but are not divisible by 5

Functions :
Multiple parameters in function (passing more arguments)
Returning values from function
Multi module application | How to import your own module?
EXERCISE: Sum of all numbers up to the one entered by user | IMPORTANT video
Measuring PERFORMANCE of code | How well (fast) some part of code work | time

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