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PacktPub Python: Digital Forensics & Binary Exploits with Python

Video Introducing this tutorial

Python Digital Forensics :
The Course Overview
Learning Dshell
Working with Scapy
Importing Scapy Modules
Introduction to Impacket
Enumerating Directories
Populating File Properties
Querying the Registry
Exploring Portable Executables
Enumerating Directories
Exploring File Properties
Deeper File Properties
Parsing System Logs
Reading the Journal
Analyzing Windows Memory
Capturing Linux Memory
Analyzing Linux Memory
Port Enumeration
Post Enumeration
Data Exfiltration
Test your knowledge

Binary Exploits with Python :
The Course Overview
EXE Hacking with OllyDbg
Creating Malware with Metasploit
Adding Trojans to EXE Files
Introductory Assembly Language
Challenge 1: Patching an EXE
Challenge 2: Patching 19 and 256 EXEs
Challenge 3: Assembly Language Programming
Ping Form (with Challenge)
String Overflow (with Challenge)
ImageMagick (with Challenge)
SQL Injection
SQL Injection Challenges
Redirecting Execution
Using Shellcode
Using Msfvenom
Format String Vulnerability
Heap Overflow
Stack Buffer Overflow
Defeating Address Space Layout Randomization
Defeating Data Execution Prevention
Heap Spray
Exploiting the SEH
Fuzzing with SPIKE
Challenges: KSTET and GMON
Test your knowledge