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PyCharm for Power-Developer

The Course Overview
Starting a New Project: Python Versions and Interpreters
PyCharm’s Lens Mode: Navigating Errors and Warnings Throughout a File
Intention Actions: Making the Most of PyCharm’s Suggested Solutions
PyCharm’s Python Console
PyCharm’s Package Manager
Pip Installs Packages
Setting Up Virtual Environments in PyCharm
Anaconda and Conda Environments
Integrating Version Control
Exploring PEP8
Exploring PyLint
Discovering PyCharm’s Debugger
Assertions and Unit Tests
Configuring Test Runners
Making Dynamic Templates with Ninja
Introduction to JavaScript Objects
JSON and Python
Creating a Local SQL Database
Connecting to a Remote Database
Queries in SQL
Introducing the Flask Framework
Hello World Web App
Tying it All Together: Flask and SQL