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Puppet Essentials for Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

Installation and Setup :
The Course Overview
Installing and Setting Up the Working Environment

Puppet Ecosystem, Components, and Terminologies :
Configuration Management and How Puppet Fits into the Scenario
Puppet Components and Terminologies
Understanding the Puppet Run Cycle
Installing the Puppet Components
Puppet in Action
Overview of the Puppet Language

Managing Puppet Infrastructure, Modules, and Environments :
Puppet Server in Production and Managing Certificates
Introduction to Community Modules and Puppet Forge
Managing Module Dependencies and librarian-puppet
Managing Environments with r10k
Understanding roles and Profiles
Writing and Managing a Module
Understanding and Using Hiera

Testing and Code Workflow Management in Puppet :
Overview of Module Testing
Testing Puppet Syntax with puppet-lint
Writing Unit Tests with rspec-puppet
Writing Tests with Beaker Using Serverspec
Writing Tests with test-kitchen Using Serverspec
Publishing Modules to Puppet Forge with puppet-blacksmith
Configuring and Using Jenkins to Run the Test Suites
Using Jenkins to Create a Code Management Workflow