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openFrameworks Interactivity

Video Introducing this tutorial

Installing openFrameworks :
The Course Overview
Installing for OSX
Installing for iOS
Installing for Windows
Installing for Linux

Creating openFrameworks Project :
Starting a New Project
Discovering a Project Structure
Implementing a Simple Application

Using Addons :
Introduction to Addons
Installing a Contributed Addon
Three Most Popular Contributed Addons

Vector Graphics :
Geometric Primitives, Curves, and Texts
Coordinate System Transformations
3D Graphics

Images and Video :
Working with Images
Working with Video
Using Frame Buffer Object for Offscreen Drawing
Using Fragment Shaders

Sound :
Playing Sound Files
Capturing Sound
Synthesizing Sound

Networking :
Using OSC to Send and Receive the Parameters
Using to Send and Receive the Arrays
Creating WebInterface

Peripherals :
Connecting a Gamepad
Connecting the MIDI Controller and Keyboard
Connecting Arduino

Depth Cameras :
Microsoft Kinect V1
Microsoft Kinect V2
Stereolabs ZED

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