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OpenCV 3 Transforming and Filtering Images

Transforming Images with Morphological Operations :
The Course Overview
Eroding and Dilating Images Using Morphological Filters
Opening and Closing Images Using Morphological Filters
Applying Morphological Operators on Gray-Level Images
Segmenting Images Using Watersheds
Extracting Distinctive Regions Using MSER

Filtering the Images :
Filtering Images Using Low-Pass Filters
Downsampling Images with Filters
Filtering Images Using a Median Filter
Applying Directional Filters to Detect Edges
Computing the Laplacian of an Image

Extracting Lines, Contours, and Components :
Detecting Image Contours with the Canny Operator
Detecting Lines in Images with the Hough Transform
Fitting a Line to a Set of Points
Extracting Connected Components
Computing Components' Shape Descriptors