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OpenCV 3 Getting started with Image processing

Video Introducing this tutorial

Playing with Images :
The Course Overview
Installing the OpenCV Library
Loading, Displaying, and Saving Images
Exploring the cv::Mat Data Structure
Defining Regions of Interest

Manipulating Pixels :
Accessing Pixel Values
Scanning an Image with Pointers
Scanning an Image with Iterators
Writing Efficient Image-Scanning Loops
Scanning an Image with Neighbor Access
Performing Simple Image Arithmetic
Remapping an Image

Processing the Colors of an Image :
Comparing Colors Using the Strategy Design Pattern
Segmenting an Image with the GrabCut Algorithm
Converting Color Representations
Representing Colors with Hue, Saturation, and Brightness

Counting the Pixels with Histograms :
Computing an Image Histogram
Applying Look-Up Tables to Modify the Image's Appearance
Equalizing the Image Histogram
Backprojecting a Histogram to Detect Specific Image Content
Using the Mean Shift Algorithm to Find an Object
Retrieving Similar Images Using Histogram Comparison
Counting Pixels with Integral Images