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.NET Core Microservices

Video Introducing this tutorial

System Architecture :
The Course Overview
What Are We Going to Build?
Setting up the Environment
Discussing System Architecture
Creating Solution

Messaging :
Configuring RabbitMQ Service Bus
Creating Commands
Creating Events
Implementing Helper Classes and Methods
Implementing API Endpoints
Subscribing to the Messages

The Activities Service :
Creating Domain Models
Setting up MongoDB
Implementing Repositories
Creating Application Services
Implementing Handlers

The Identity Service :
Defining User Entity
Hashing Passwords
Storing User Data
Registering and Logging In

Using JSON Web Tokens :
JSON Web Tokens
Implementing JWT with HMAC
Authenticating the User

Finalizing the API Gateway :
Implementing Event Handlers
Storing the Data
Refactoring Endpoints
Executing HTTP Requests

System Testing :
API Testing
Activities Service Testing
Identity Service Testing

Dockerizing and Deploying the Application :
Running Services Using Docker
Using Docker Compose
Storing Docker Images in a Hub
Deploying Application to the Cloud

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