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Modern HTML and CSS from the Beginning (Including Sass)

Welcome To The Course
How The Web Works (Summarized)
The Roles Of HTML & CSS In Web Development
Getting Setup With Visual Studio Code
Section Intro
Create & Open HTML Pages
Doctype & Basic Layout
Setting Up Live Server (VSCode Extension)
Meta Tags & Search Engines
Headings, Paragraphs & Typography
Links, Images & Attributes
Lists & Tables
Forms & Input
Block & Inline Level Elements
Divs & Spans, Classes & Ids
HTML Entities
HTML5 Semantic Tags & Challenge
HTML5 Semantics Solution & Wrap Up
Section Intro
Implementing CSS
Basic CSS Selectors
Dev Tools Introduction
Fonts In CSS
Color Types
Backgrounds & Borders
Box Model, Margin & Padding
Float & Alignment
Link State & Button Styling
Navigation Menu Styling
Inline, Block & Inline-Block Display
Form Style Challenge
Form Style Solution
Aside: Visibility, Order & Negative Margin
Project Intro
Aside: Design & Ideas
File Structure & Navbar
Showcase & Home Info
Features & Footer
About Page
Contact Page
What Is Responsive Design?
Getting Started With Media Queries
Em & Rem Units
Vh & Vw Units
Making The Hotel Website Fully Responsive
What Is Flexbox?
Flex Basics
Flex Alignment & Order
Project Intro
File Structure & Flex Navbar
Showcase Header
What We Do Section
Who We Are & Clients Sections
Contact Form, Map & Footer
Smooth Scrolling With JS
Widescreen & Tablet View
Smartphone View
Types Of Web Hosting
Setting Up Email
Showcase Header
Upload Your Site via FTP
BONUS: Contact Form Submission (PHP Script)
Targeted Selectors
nth-child Pseudo Selectors
before & after Pseudo Selectors
Box Shadows
Text Shadows
CSS Variables (Custom Properties)
Keyframe Animation 1
Keyframe Animation 2
CSS Transitions
BONUS: Transform Property
Presentation Website [1] - Intro & HTML
Presentation Website [2] - Page CSS
Presentation Website [3] - Text Animation
Hamburger Menu Overlay [1] - HTML & Base CSS
Hamburger Menu Overlay [2] - Creating The Hamburger
Hamburger Menu Overlay [3] - Animating The Hamburger Lines
Hamburger Menu Overlay [4] - Menu Overlay
Knowledge Timeline [1] - HTML & Base CSS
Knowledge Timeline [2] - Boxes & Arrows
Knowledge Timeline [3] - Responsive Media Queries
Knowledge Timeline [4] - Scroll In Animation
Quick Dropdown Menu Project
What Is CSS Grid?
Grid Basics & Columns
Grid Rows
Spanning Columns & Rows
Auto-Fit & Minmax
Grid Template Areas
Media Queries & The Grid
Project Intro
Setup & Favicon
Core Styles, Variables & Navbar
Showcase With Overlay & Button Styles
Home Articles Grid
Footer With Grid
About Page & Page Container
Article Page
Responsive Media Queries
Bonus: Intro To Photoshop (NewsGrid Logo)
How It Works
Git & Pushing To Github
Netlify Deploy & Form Submission
Custom Domain Name
What Is Sass?
Environment Setup With Node-Sass
Koala Sass Compiler - GUI Alternative
Variables & Partials
Nesting & Structuring
Inheritance & Contrast
Functions, Mixins & More
Project Intro
Project Setup
Header & Main Nav
Specialize & Stats Section
Process Section & Footer
About Page Info Section
About Page Logos & Testimonials
Work Gallery With Transitions
Contact Page
Responsive Media Queries
Deploy & Contact Form With Spam Filter
Where To Go From Here

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