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Microservices with Azure

The Course Overview
The How’s and Why’s of Microservices
Exploring Service Fabric
Service Fabric Programming Models
Working with Service Fabric Explorer
Provisioning a Service Fabric Cluster on Azure
Architecture of Employee Attendance Tracker Microservices Application
Building the Stateful Backend That Store Data
Building the Stateless Frontend with Microservices
Making the Services Interact
Installing Local Service Fabric Cluster
Deploying the Application on Local Service Fabric Cluster
Installing Service Fabric Cluster on Azure
Deploying on Azure Service Fabric Cluster
Fault-Tolerant Microservices Platform: Deploy Application on Azure and Cause Deliberate Failures
Setting Up a CI/CD Pipeline on VSTS
Securing Service Fabric Cluster
Working with Node-to-Node Security
Working with Client-to-Node Security
Demo – Setting Up an SSL Certificate
Setting Up Application Insights
Setting Up Custom Rules in Application Insights
Setting Up an OMS Solution for Service Fabric
Exploring Auto-Scaling
Setting Up Auto-Scaling
Create a Windows Container in Service Fabric
Deploying Container on Service Fabric in Azure